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Originally Posted by OOOSQ View Post
god damn cars are cheap in north america (((
Nope- we just pay what they actually cost without the government totally bending us over every time we want to buy a car. You pay about the same as we do for the actual car. People buying stuff is good for the economy and shouldn't be discouraged.

I was shocked when I visited friends in Brizzy. My $20k base Accord was like $42k there. Other than that and a few other government intrusions, Australia is fantastic. I'd live there

OP: It depends what your priorities are. Speed? Comfort? Mpg? Cargo room?

Me? I'd probably not blow it on one car. I'd get an SUV for biking, skiing and camping (e.g. X3, Tahoe, Outback, RAV4) depending on your performance/room/mpg requirements. Then I'd get a fun car. Elise, Corvette, Boxster, 335i.