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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Yeah he's crazy...I did the mature thing and let it go, but now he thinks he's almighty and 'won'
real PITA

is 40psi hot too much on a hot day?

I always thought running about 38 hot would be ideal?

I haven't tracked on the RS3s yet...but I've heard they're sensitive to temps on the track more so than other street tires
Glad to hear it's over. It was smart to distance yourself from someone who is clearly not mentally stable!

38 or 40 psi - it all depends on the tire, as well as the track surface. Try both, or even a third setting, on a given day and see which one works better. No two track days will be identical - that's why you'll hear a lot of race teams say they aren't able to use a setup from a previous year, or even a recent test, at the same track. Experiment with different setting - that's part of the fun! Everything I've stated is based on experience.

Just to really confuse things...why is it that you have to run a stiff front sway bar, relative to the rear, on an e46 M3 to reduce understeer (not a typo)?