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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
yes, they must "test" interlagos blue, because it is new color right?

god forbid it melts or something. (even though it has been used many many times already)

point is, there are many ways to interpret their reasoning to use a bright showy color with absolutely no camo, your guess is as valid as mine, dont act like you know their incentive, but u are free to think what their incentive might be, just as i am.
I had to register just to give you your answer.

Quality, every automaker builds "Prototype/Pilot" cars on the line (usually at different stages of pre-production). Once a car is publically released to the media there is no reason to cover it with camo. Debadging a car costs nothing so some companies (like BMW do that), others don't even bother stripping off badges.

The only cars that are all black or all red (for crashing, red shows the best) are the EARLIEST of Pilot builds. For example Chrysler has 4 "stages" of Pilot, S0, S1, S2, and V1. BMW probably does something similar. S0's are the first Pilot's and are usually hand assembled or built on a "Pilot" line at a Tech Center (on a semi-real assembly line). S1, S2 and V1 (V1 is actually production) are all built in the assembly plant.

When building S1's and S2's you have to test ALL aspects of the car and production of the car, so they paint the cars different colors to test how the equipment works. They also like to see the cars with all the colors, and if you are going to build a car (which costs money) then you might as well give it to Engineers to test.