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Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
To be honest with you there is no "right" answer - did you check out the link I had posted a few minutes ago? BTW, I'm speaking from 20+ years of practical track experience, mostly with BMWs, so that's how I handle tire pressure adjustments. Do you even know if that table is for a front engine, rear drive car?

I'm done discussing the subject and sorry for confusing everyone

Yeah they article you posted also suggested the same as the Michelin article to lower front PSI to reduce understeer:

"If the tires felt very slippery, especially if they got worse on every lap, then the tire pressure is too high. Take each tire pressure and write it down. If only the front or rear tires felt slippery (the front was slippery if the car understeered and wouldn't respond to more steering input, the back was slippery if the car wanted to oversteer and spin), then lower the pressure of just that pair by 4 psig while they're still hot. Try this setting for the next session."