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Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
No, I stated it correctly - this would correct OVERSTEER on a front engine, rear wheel drive car. Although the way a tire generates lateral grip is complicated, however, simplistically speaking... if you remember from high school physics frictional forces are related to a normal force times the coefficient of friction (f = mu * N) so if you increase the pressure you will increase the effective normal force acting on the contact patch and, thus, assuming the tire has a constant coefficient of static friction (i.e., not sliding yet; if sliding then it becomes the kinetic friction coefficient) the lateral grip (frictional force) increases. Does this help?
Hmmm...the article from TireRack and Michelin says to do the opposite of what you are saying.

It Says on page 17 "To Decrease Oversteer higher the Front Tire Pressure or Lower the Rear Tire Pressure"
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