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Originally Posted by dapopa9 View Post
I think he meant to say Correct UNDERSTEER. Otherwise I'm confused also!
No, I stated it correctly - this would correct OVERSTEER on a front engine, rear wheel drive car. Although the way a tire generates lateral grip is complicated, however, simplistically speaking... if you remember from high school physics frictional forces are related to a normal force times the coefficient of friction (f = mu * N) so if you increase the pressure you will increase the effective normal force acting on the contact patch and, thus, assuming the tire has a constant coefficient of static friction (i.e., not sliding yet; if sliding then it becomes the kinetic friction coefficient) the lateral grip (frictional force) increases. Does this help?

On Roger Kraus Racing's website I found a table (standard table) describing how to adjust a setup to deal with oversteer and understeer - just click on "Understeer-Oversteer" to see the table:

Please look in the oversteer column and tell me how you would adjust rear tire pressure to deal with oversteer?

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