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Originally Posted by disapr View Post
I'll try again - Can you explain why this would correct oversteer?

Oversteer to my understanding is a traction bias to the front, meaning that the front tires have more grip than the rear at the moment of oversteer.

If you increase the rear pressure wouldn't this reduce the rear traction and magnify the oversteer tendencies?
Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
You can do "either" not both. For example, to deal with oversteer you could increase R pressure OR decrease front pressure. However, let's say you increased rear but then under braking your rear starts to dance then you'd go back and drop the R pressure back to what it was before you raised it and then lower the F to get rid of the oversteer.

Please note, we are assuming all other varables are not being adjusted otherwise things can get complicated fast!

I think he meant to say Correct UNDERSTEER. Otherwise I'm confused also!