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This isn't hard. Serves 8 people

8 Rib standing roast, take out of the fridge for at least two hours to being to room temp, then salt, pepper, chopped rosemary, 375 deg oven, couple hours for mid-rare, when done let it rest for 20min. slice and serve with 1 part horseradish mixed into 2 parts mayo..

10 sweet potatoes, skinned, chopped, boiled for 20 min, drained, mash in a bowl with 1-2 sticks butter, 1 pint heavy cream, salt and pepper.

20 Thick asperagus, put in a deep dish, pour on some olive oil, salt and pepper, let stand for an hour until their room temp, grill them for 5 min flipping once.

Want a salad? Two containers pre-washed spinach one pound of bacon.. Dice all bacon, over med heat, cook all bacon until crispy, don't burn, remove bacon , leave fat in pan, turn heat way down, right before serving add salt, pepper, couple pinches of red chili flake (pizza peppers) and three teaspoons of dijon mustard, increase heat whisk rapidly until it's emulsified. toss fat, bacon, (perhaps a chopped hardboiled egg if you have it), in a bowl and poor the hot bacon fat mustard over it, keep tossing..

there you go. most difficult thing your going to do is the salad.

All in less than $200, serves 8