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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
what about running the same pressure all around?

i was running 31 cold F 32-33 cold R on my stock CS3s
If you've checked "hot" tire pressures and temps then yes you could potentially start with the same "cold" F and R pressures. There are other variables like F/R spring rate, sway bar stiffness/setting, cross weights, tires staggered/unstaggered, etc. that come into play.

By the end of a session are your lap times remaining consistent or dropping off? Is the balance of the car changing? Are the tires getting greasy? If things feel great and lap times aren't dropping off then you have good "cold" pressures.

Also, make sure to adjust your "cold" temps for changes in ambient temp - people forget this a lot and don't bleed off pressure from the morning to afternoon and then can't figure out why their car is handling differently!