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Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
No. Assuming you have your "hot" tire pressures dialed in, not "cold", and the handlling is off then to reduce (dial out) understeer or oversteer you would adjust the tire pressures as listed above. The difference being "hot" vs "cold" and "fine tuning" of the handling characteristics. You still first need to figure out what "cold" F and R tire pressures to start with. I left this out because I assumed people would read the article.

BTW, the delta psi I posted above is "cold" and on a dedicated track car so I would not recommend anyone use that as a starting point.

Also, PSC tires can easily handle over -3 deg of neg camber and perform extremely well, even without shaving. I certainly would not recommend over -2.5 deg for a street tire.
I was just quoting the part of the increase/decrease of actually say to increase/decrease both the front and back all at the same time which is contradicting in itself...I think you were meaning to say to - Reduce Understeer decrease front and increase rear.

BTW great article you posted!