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Originally Posted by IS350 View Post
Thanks all,
This is from my local service manager. I've asked him for a regional service manager and/or Michelin contact. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

------Response to pictures from service manager:
I have seen that before and on my own vehicle. I was puzzled and can logically say that the rough surface of the road or loose gravel could cause the damage. It appears that the tires are being scraped by something.
Are these the front tires? Most of the scuffing on the edge of tires is caused while turning at slower speeds and the tires are giving you the traction to grip the pavement control the direction that you want the vehicle to travel. Sand also can cause traction loss that is rough on tires as well.
Well, I really don't understand this response. The tire wear shown did not come from "turning at slower speeds", or, traction loss from sand. I agree that it does not look like wear from an alignment issue, although you should have it checked. To me, assuming normal driving on normal road surfaces, it looks like a tire production problem.