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Great story.

Griot's products are pretty good as a whole and easy to purchase: they sell a lot of nice little things, have great customer service, and a great return policy. They're a stand-up company that truly back's their products 100%.
That being said...

Their target market are weekend warriors / old school car guys that are looking to step-up their collection by purchasing one or two items at a time. The people that are truly dedicated and do research to get the right results will find the true professional grade products work much better much quicker. This isn't always as convenient, as Griot's products are at one single location, and all have the same labels, while getting the right professional products might end in you going to multiple online vendors, and ordering from 2-5 different manufacturers.

Phil and the good folks over at Detailers Domain have made a reputation of stocking quality products and having great customer service and fast shipping. It's nice to hear of your positive experiences with them, and I'm glad to hear your car is looking outstanding.