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Originally Posted by Kroy View Post
I'm not going to fry a turkey myself lol. I don't have the equipment for one. If I went that route, I'd just buy one that's hot and fried.

May look into whole foods. But none around me. Closest one is 30 miles away I think.

I'm really hoping for a nice turkey dinner. Not likely to go the KFC route; this is my first time really planning a thanksgiving feast so I want a really nice meal. If possible, I want to include all my favorite thanksgiving sides along with a turkey and/or ham. We have a budget of $100-200.

And for the record, if possible I don't want to actually make the food. I want to buy hot food or food that is pre-made and I need to heat up. I just don't want to spend 2 days to make everything from scratch.
100-200 will not be enough to buy the whole meal for say 10 people... I just noticed you never said how many people you are feeding. I would really recommend making your own sides. The sides are the easiest part and they are always more delicious if you make them yourself. Boil some potatoes/sweet potatoes. You can saute or even bake/roast some string beans with a little olive oil and garlic. Just look up some recipes online and you will see how easy it will be.

If you want to do it... then do it the right way. Except for the turkey.. fuck that. I will never attempt to make a turkey again.
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