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Originally Posted by mr_yogi View Post
erhanh, what happened to your m3? i remember you got yours a month or two before mine earlier this year no (so you got it around jan/feb)?
Traded it. I had a thread in here as well. In short, I decided that I need to have 2 cars for DD and track duty. M3 is a very nice car obviously, but driving a very fast car slow around town (and getting 15mpg) didn't work for me. At the track, it is fast and all, but the weight is there. Also way too soft. And the worst part, it will cost me a lot of money to track it, since I decided to spend 10+ days/year at the track.

So I have a MINI now, which is my DD, but for the time being I'm also using it at the track. I can't decide what I want as a track car.. Not sure if I want something street legal, or a full on race car.. And the good thing about MINI is it is an amazing car to learn high performance driving, because there is no power to make up for your mistakes in the corners..

Tracking the M3 costs like $600-$800 per track day (not including event fee) whereas MINI costs about $200.
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