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Originally Posted by Powerslide View Post
I\'ve seen lots of posts over the years on this forum where many people say, all else being equal, the 18\" will handle better than the 19\" wheels (presumably due to less unsprung/rotational inertia, etc. Etc.)

If that is the case, why does the competition/ZCP package use 19\" instead of 18\"? Is it because the difference of performance in favor of the 18\'s so slight that the greater popularity of the 19\'s outweighed this alleged performance advantage?
Because bigger is better in most buyers eyes
So 19 is better than 18
and I'm sure the next M3 will come standard with 19
With 20s as an option

I've had both
And on my 2012, I ordered ZCP
but I'm selling my ZCP wheels
And I'm using Apex Arc 8s for summer in 18"
and VMR 710 in 18" for winter
No more 19s
They look great
But my M3 was much more fun to drive on 18s than it is on 19s
And most of the interior rattles started after I installed the 19s