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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
It's called the F10 M5, and it has a turbo V8 The fact is, it costs $70-$100K to make a car with as much power and refinement as the M3/M5. You try to do it for 30% less, and you can get the same power but crap interiors. Hell, you can't even get Navigation in any Camaro model, even the upcoming ZL-1.

I can't believe no American manufacturer has stepped up and said "eff this, we'll make a good interior so we can get some of those German-car buyers". Is it really that difficult? Is it really that expensive? The 2012 Mustang I drove had an interior that looked like a toy. You can get Nav in a $19K Honda, but not a $55K Camaro ZL-1? Ridiculous.

As much as this comment will piss off half the folks here, I really can't consider any sports car without some kind of dual clutch transmission. The M3's DCT has absolutely spoiled me! And no Vette, Camaro or Mustang has an equivalent.
+1 Man, this innocuous post has touched on some great issues. Someone should forward it to a car executive(s) from Ford, GM, etc. Much as I want to buy American, and I'm no snob, there's no way I would buy any current American car product, period. To me, a car is a "complete package." Power, design, reliability, classy interior, handling, etc. While certain American cars win on power, the Germans simply kick our azz every which way from Sunday on every other category. All of my car purchases to date have been either p-car, merc, audi or beemer, and I don't see that trend changing anytime soon.