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Originally Posted by Stainless 45 View Post
Create an M3 with a 550 hp V-10 and people would sell their kid to buy one.
It's called the F10 M5, and it has a turbo V8 The fact is, it costs $70-$100K to make a car with as much power and refinement as the M3/M5. You try to do it for 30% less, and you can get the same power but crap interiors. Hell, you can't even get Navigation in any Camaro model, even the upcoming ZL-1.

Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
This ^^^^

My thoughts exactly. I've owned three C6 versioned Vettes and they are fun cars that have some nice styling to them (at least the widebody Vettes -- Z06, ZR1 and Grand Sport) but I will tell you right now that the reason I don't own them anymore is I thought I could get past the shitty interiors, build quality and materials used, but I couldn't. It is just so damn cheap looking and feeling. The Mustangs and Camaros are the same way --- plus neither of them have an exterior styling that is appealing to me.

I respect them (as I do the Evo's and STI's of the world) but you can put 1,000 hp in those cars and I'd never have an interest in owning one.
I can't believe no American manufacturer has stepped up and said "eff this, we'll make a good interior so we can get some of those German-car buyers". Is it really that difficult? Is it really that expensive? The 2012 Mustang I drove had an interior that looked like a toy. You can get Nav in a $19K Honda, but not a $55K Camaro ZL-1? Ridiculous.

As much as this comment will piss off half the folks here, I really can't consider any sports car without some kind of dual clutch transmission. The M3's DCT has absolutely spoiled me! And no Vette, Camaro or Mustang has an equivalent.
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