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If Malekrezza is having his MFR exhausts made in the US, he is right about costs as any of us who have paid US market rates for tig welding and stainless piping know. But some of the competitors have their exhausts made in china or other asian countries, and are making huge profits. Nothing wrong with making huge profits, except that eventually someone will figure out what you are doing and do it for less. The simpler the thing is that you are doing, the sooner that will happen, and V8 midpipes are really simple.

There will always be a market for those who want to spend top dollar for top quality products that may be better made, or made of better materials, or make slightly more power. There will also always be a market for those who want inexpensive, reasonably good products that make more power.

As for how long the ebay x-pipe will hold up, I think that remains to be determined. I personally am not really worried about it from what I have seen of it, but I have only about 25 years of experience hotrodding cars and while I have bought or had made a dozen exhausts, I am not an expert. The x-pipe does not seem to be highly stressed to me. The exhausts are well hung and have ball and socket connections. Without the cats, there is less heat in them.

As for legal theft, that is an oxymoron. And I do not believe Singletrack has identified any x-pipe that was copied to make this one.

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