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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
... I'd be bored in no time...
While leveling has improved since Oblivion, NPCs still level up with you to some extent.

I like to make pretend situations for myself so for a while I pretended I was a big badass boss who is too good to kill anyone personally. I equipped my henchman with legendary daedric armor (bought it, can't built it yet since no daedra hearts), an enchanted blade with +20 Health Absorb and +25 Stamina Absorb, enchanted armor for a total of +73% one handed damage. Then I just wear a robe. Whenever I get into a fight, I let my follow fight for me and it's quite entertaining to see my pimped out follower do so much damage...she can take on an entire city of guards or an entire dungeon no problem. If anybody gets to close to me I just unrelenting force them back to my follower

Now I'm trying to be an my nightingale armor...just waiting to see when in the story line daedras will start appearing so I can get some daedra hearts to built daedric stuff .

why am I explaining myself? I guess I really really enjoy this game