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Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
Replica? hmmmm isnt every single one is a replica? plus its an xpipe.... i dont know how they can replicate it... its just an xpipe.... there is nothing much to change on an xpipe really..... some will change a tad bit of the design and call it...its the best and will make x amount of HP... LOL

if i gut a OEM xpipe and just leave the resonator and compare it with an aftermarket xpipe with the same set up.. i bet the only difference is 2-3HP... basically it doesnt prove anything that the aftermarket xpipe adds more due to dyno is full of crap... 3 dyno runs gives you different results and when you come back the next day shit will give you a different results from the last... so WTF.... i know i know it depends on the conditions but 2-3HP really? doesnt really do much shit on our cars.... unless its track then i understand buying a TI xpipe and exhaust would make a significant difference due to the light exhaust. I DONT KNOW ITS JUST ME I GUESS...

i know some are making the x pipes closer to the primary and some is exact same as the OEM but just no cats or resonator... so i say every company is just replicating to make it look nice...

this is the reason why i ordered one

1. its 400 compare to 1k+ on a metal tubing?...
2. if it breaks fawk it.... i spend 400 plus i highly doubt it will break... and or if it cracks ill just have it weld it.. no biggy
3. people buy replica cause most cannot justify spending so much on a product that doesnt cost much to make...I understand the fact that they have to make money of it... but with 100% profit i think thats just insane...(OH TRUST ME YES I SAID 100% ).. R&D or not if you compare all manufacture xpipe the only difference you will see is probably 1-3HP and some companies out their are claiming that thier product makes 20-30HP... anyways dyno is a joke anyways.... for example when i had my s2000 i dynoed 10 different intakes from $200 AEM to 3k ASM results...

3-5hp difference.. LMAO...

i say its the same with our xpipe.. minor bents, or place the xpipe in different place will probably give you 3-5hp tops difference.

but hey everyone is different... and i wish i think like most other people here that can justify spending on x amount of $$$ on a piece that will do the same as the cheap one...

Sean, I really don't think you have a good grasp on what it costs to manufacture something, especially in the United States.

And no, the cheap will not do the same as the high quality one. Well, it might, but not for long.

Like Singletrack said, if someone steals someone else's design and product, then it is a form of theft. Whether its legal or not is not the point, hopefully we all have enough ethics to understand right and wrong.