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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
I agree that it would be nice to be more involved in games since the ability to put a player in a virtual reality is much easier than it once was. However, the only problem I find when speaking on this topic is movement. Aiming and looking is all fine and well... but walking, running and strafing would all be very difficult without a pair of sticks.

Your ideas aren't bad it would just remove a person from the Virtual Reality you are trying to create. Why put a helmet and a gun on someone and then tell them they have to move around using a stick... doesn't make sense.
Practicality. If you had an area the size of your game map to actually move around in, it would be called paintball. You have to find a way to make this work standing, or even sitting, in one place- otherwise you couldn't play it in your house and it wouldn't sell.

I just thought of a way to control movement without having to stand and turn your body around. It's the same foregrip stick I came up with before, but now the foregrip also twists. Just twist left or right to point you virtual body that direction. It could either twist 20* or so and stop, and if you hold it at full twist you just keep spinning, or it could be a dial cut into increments. You twist to whatever increment you want, and within that increment you control where you go by looking. That wouldn't be as smooth though. But, that's not really too big of a deal. You can always look and point your gun a whole 180* or more in any direction without actually facing that way. What would be really cool would being able to poke your head into a room and look both ways really quick, or even shoving your gun around the wall and firing blind.

If you could be satisfied sitting rather than standing, pointing could be controlled with some rudder pedals from a flight sim.

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