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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
I find it interesting that you criticize the prices of the original products and support knock-off products that rip-off the design of quality companies. I mean to each their own, but those selling exact replicas are thieves in my eyes.

Replica? hmmmm isnt every single one is a replica? plus its an xpipe.... i dont know how they can replicate it... its just an xpipe.... there is nothing much to change on an xpipe really..... some will change a tad bit of the design and call it...its the best and will make x amount of HP... LOL

if i gut a OEM xpipe and just leave the resonator and compare it with an aftermarket xpipe with the same set up.. i bet the only difference is 2-3HP... basically it doesnt prove anything that the aftermarket xpipe adds more due to dyno is full of crap... 3 dyno runs gives you different results and when you come back the next day shit will give you a different results from the last... so WTF.... i know i know it depends on the conditions but 2-3HP really? doesnt really do much shit on our cars.... unless its track then i understand buying a TI xpipe and exhaust would make a significant difference due to the light exhaust. I DONT KNOW ITS JUST ME I GUESS...

i know some are making the x pipes closer to the primary and some is exact same as the OEM but just no cats or resonator... so i say every company is just replicating to make it look nice...

this is the reason why i ordered one

1. its 400 compare to 1k+ on a metal tubing?...
2. if it breaks fawk it.... i spend 400 plus i highly doubt it will break... and or if it cracks ill just have it weld it.. no biggy
3. people buy replica cause most cannot justify spending so much on a product that doesnt cost much to make...I understand the fact that they have to make money of it... but with 100% profit i think thats just insane...(OH TRUST ME YES I SAID 100% ).. R&D or not if you compare all manufacture xpipe the only difference you will see is probably 1-3HP and some companies out their are claiming that thier product makes 20-30HP... anyways dyno is a joke anyways.... for example when i had my s2000 i dynoed 10 different intakes from $200 AEM to 3k ASM results...

3-5hp difference.. LMAO...

i say its the same with our xpipe.. minor bents, or place the xpipe in different place will probably give you 3-5hp tops difference.

but hey everyone is different... and i wish i think like most other people here that can justify spending on x amount of $$$ on a piece that will do the same as the cheap one...

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