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Originally Posted by xilli View Post
...The six cylinder plan for the new M3 will certainly not be a limiting factor in any form if it's developed properly, and you can sure as hell bet the mustang won't stand up to the m3 in any other category apart from straight line speed. I honestly don't believe it is the intention of the M division to create a 700hp monster, it's all about balance and function as a package...
When the Mustang GT with 412 HP can stay within a whisker of the current M3 around Laguna Seca, and the Boss 302 can soundly whip the Bimmer around the same course, why wouldn't the GT500 be that much faster - meaning in a different league altogether.

With the newest Camaro running low 7:40s around the 'Ring, why wouldn't the GT500 be at least that fast, given that it has more power and weighs less.

The fact of the matter is that although the M3 is possibly the finest compromise vehicle ever built, it doesn't cover itself with glory on track.

I have high hopes for the new M3, but doubt that low 7:40s are anywhere in the game plan.