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What's next in gaming, particularly shooters?

So, the Wii and Kinect have been out for a while and point some potential new directions for things to go. What's next in gaming? Here's what I'd like to see.

Virtual Reality. There was a lot of buzz in the early 90's, but now that the tech is cheap, where'd it go? I think for <$200, they could come out with a helmet with a fast head-tracker and 3D that extends to the edges of your vision. How many times have you been playing a game and try to crane your neck to look around a corner. It'd be so natural for 1st person POV games. Also, it wouldn't make a lot of noise or tie up the TV.

You'd need some kind of controller, too. The regular pad would work, but I think pointing an actual rifle in a FPS would be much faster and more intuitive than moving the stick. The hard part would be integrating a stick on the rifle to control movement, and how to sync up head movements vs. where your avatar's body is actually pointing. I think a good solution for controlling motion would be to integrate it into the fore-grip. The grip would basically be a stick sticking out from under the barrel that you grab with your whole hand. Push forward and backward to move forward and backward...side-to-side to strafe. Pointing could be a stick that falls under your thumb, or could be based on accelerometers in the gun. The problem is, if you want to point to something off to your left, you'd move the gun left a bit and the image would start moving, and wouldn't stop until you pointed forward again. You could stand and actually move your whole body around 360 degrees...but I think we'd wind up with people blindly walking around their rooms crashing into stuff and falling down stairs. You'd need some kind of play-pen.

Other than the typical better graphics/bigger maps, where would you like to see things go?