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Originally Posted by Jive View Post
Yeah the sales guys is your bestfriend the moment you tell him you're interested in an M3...after you sign on the dotted line then he moves onto the next one.

If i was you i would of at least shopped around with Ryan or David on the forums, at least then the local dealer actually has a reason to compete for your business.

Enjoy the car though!
He actually did do me some real favors though. Trust me, I'm well aware of how salesman work and their tactics, but for a salesman this is about the most honest guy you can get.

I had noted what seemed to be the average deal Ryan was getting people here on the forums before I headed into my dealership, and it was a point I brought to the table. I'm happy with the deal I made. Sure, I might have been able to save 1.5k if I had really gone through some hoops, but there comes a point of diminishing returns for me.