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Originally Posted by Antilag View Post
I understand where you are coming from and that is a great product, however can you truely justify a $1000 price difference? I certainly can not . Expecially when it's under my car and no one even see's it.
i had the same thoughts as you before, and after a whole lot of troubles being brought to me... quality products are quality products and there's really a difference. i had a custom exhaust system on my car that lasted 2 months before it starts to leak, start to loosen, start to notice that power gain is significantly bad... cost was not cheap too!

how about comparing the steaks from different restaurants? you are eating steaks that they actually come off the same grade of beef in raw. why are people paying more and the others are paying less budget-wise? however, only one type of by-product will come out in both cases... tubes can break, welds can crack, exhaust flow can be distorted, fitments can be wrong... there are costs on r&d, marketing, mass production...