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Originally Posted by SD Detail View Post
Film will distort a bit of the color but not enough to be a distinctly recognized. The metallic flake and hue of mineral white will show through with film, all films are clear but the level of orange peel varies greatly... more orange peel equals less of the MW color to show through thus making the contrast greater.

Go with Xpel ultimate film if you can as it has a top clear coat to it, there is no use in waxing the ultimate film and it wont yellow. Ventureshield is also a top notch film and very clear with almost no orange peel, that can possibly yellow over time though.

If your worried about film not working out it can easily be removed safely from the car... usually people pull paint off with film if the car has been resprayed or have very thin paint. If you have a good installer he should be able to replace or remove film without damaging the finish at all.
Numerous films have top coats on them. Ultimate has some sort of healing top coat.... whether it works or not time will tell. It has only been out a couple of months so you cant predict if it will yellow or not.

On white I would go with Venture Ultra or Avery Nano Fusion... Nano being my first choice since it wont stain.

Here is a white M3 we worked on with the full front wrapped in Ventureshield Ultra.

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