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Originally Posted by Cyrax91;10799123[I
]I dont want to say exactly how much I make or anything, but its less then the OP. And I own an M3, Evo IX MR and just bought a 335i. I also own a home and pay a mortgage[/i]. My GF is still finishing school and doesnt make much of anything right now. Anyways, my point is that I easily afford this stuff because of lifestyle. We arent married and dont plan on having kids any time soon. I have friends who make what I do and they're struggling to make payments on a house because they've decided to start a family and have 2 kids now. I think much of this stuff is all relative with living situation. I also have a dumb ass friend who pays like $500 a month in rent on a small apartment and owns an M3 ha.

You only live once. If you're making $250k a year and your living situation allows you to afford a Turbo S then find a dealership that will sell you one and get it done !
Well....there goes your theory, that all on here are "rich"! Time to start from scratch!

I have heard just about everything and will not take another look at this thread!