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Originally Posted by GTM_Challenge View Post
I have to respectfully disagree with you on this based on a few quick observations you may have overlooked.

Brand X EBAY part:
- either really bad stacked tig welds or mig welds polished?
- unsupported brackets at the x section, with very little welded suface area or triangulation. High chance of cracking or bending
- misaligned piping at welded joint

- x mount tabs are uneven and or bent uneven by large margin

Challenge X pipe:

-precision hand tig welded x section
-laser cut and formed mount brackets with triangulation and larger welding surface area
- no break in piping, continuous.

We put in alot of time to make sure we coulde make a quality product in the USA and design brackets and components that will stand the test of time on the street or track without missing a beat. I hope this highlighted a few small things at a glance.
I understand where you are coming from and that is a great product, however can you truely justify a $1000 price difference? I certainly can not . Expecially when it's under my car and no one even see's it.