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Originally Posted by Titanium Silver View Post
First of all, the M IS badass enough for these colors. I see all kinds of crazy colors on more average cars. 350Z, Camaro, Chargers and tons of other cars have some pretty wild color options.

415 horse M3 is not exactly boring daily driver. It's a pretty ridiculous car. Maybe not a GT3, Lambo, or Ferrari. But def not your average daily driver.
Any crazy colored 350Z's you see have aftermarket paint. The 350Z only came in "normal" colors (i.e. white, blue, red, silver, gray, black, etc). At that point, it becomes an issue of questionable modding choices.

The M3 is NOT badass enough for obnoxious colors. It's not THAT fast. It's not THAT exclusive. It'd need to be (at least) on par with a GT3RS first IMO. Sure, it's no Toyota Camry but it's not a Gallardo either so flashiness should land somewhere in the middle.

IMO, it's still a souped-up 3-series.