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Originally Posted by ideliver View Post
a few thoughts...

1. it is very difficult to win if you are going backwards the entire fight without a knock down

2. the volume of manny's punches continues to be impressive

3. JMM is a naturally bigger fight...he should be able to catch Manny at some point in time with a counter punch that floors Manny...especially given the volume of punches that Manny throws...that fact that he didn't lends support to the boxing skills of Manny (or the lack thereof of JMM)

i'm a big Pacman fan...but was not impressed with the fight. however, i don't understand the folks that say JMM should've won when he spent the entire fight going backwards. he was never the agressor, spent the entire fight backpeddling(counterpunching was his gameplan...i know), and never landed a hard enough shot to even wobble Pacman. both fighters landed some clean shots, but when you're the challenger, you've got to fight to TAKE the belt. JMM clearly did not do this.