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Originally Posted by driersheets View Post
csb please tell again

more like nobody cares how you hate football
sounds like you've been tumbling in the drier for too long.

I don't care if you care or not. This is public forum, I can post my opinion. You don't like the program, change the channel.

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Wait, how is the sport of football at fault? Football players and staff are the only ones who commit these crimes, right? This can happen in any sport and happens in circles outside of sports too. Get your head out of your ass and you may see that the sport of football is in no way responsible for Sandusky being a predator and others within his circle covering up atrocities.

Human nature and irresponsible people with compromised morals are at fault.
I'm not saying football is at fault. All I'm saying is people/media make a such huge deal about football. It makes these players larger than life, like gods. Go to any major football shcool and all they talk about is football. BIG DEAL! Out of all the major sports, these guys are involved in more shady stuff by far than all the other sport.

Then Sandusky or whatever should've been caught earlier, what...twice?? Why do you think when people WITNESSED what was happening and not say something? When someone is in the same job 20, 40+ years and not afraid of being caught or punished, this is what happens.

I may be closed minded, but my head is out of my ass, trust me on that. In fact I can see so clearly past the Santa Monica mountains and the shores of Malibu that i can notice these small details.

ahh whatever...