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Originally Posted by bobbyd1961 View Post
if m division thinks bigger back then i go with them . if front was better thats the way it would come.
m division still produced the car for the street. for example I ran one lap of america (8,000 miles) this year with the car stock. It seriously needed more camber - I even removed the camber bolts to get -1.9 and it still wasn't enough. I had plates installed and am at -2.9 and to me it's much more neutral under/oversteer. But I understand why they had it -1.5 as a stock M - must more acceptable street wear but it understeered like crazy at the track when I ran one lap.

I'm planning to go with an ess kit and bump up the power to 600hp so I'm likely to go 315's in the back and keep 275's up front.