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Originally Posted by infinitekid2002 View Post
i can't wait till pacman cleans mayweather's clock...
meeee to.....i think pacman will tear him apart to....his form is to undisciplined compared to pacs

Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
+1 It will never happen, he will never fight him unless his pretty undefeated record is magically erased by some other fighter.
^^ i agree.....this is a unicorn fight...mythical

Originally Posted by Boxtyp3 View Post
I agree that JMM has cleaner punches thereby having the higher percentage. But the thing that counts is the total landed which I think goes to Pacman due to the volume of punches he threw. IMO, the decision is good.
Well you they wouldnt give it to marques if it was as close as it was..... manny is the un seat him from his throne ur gonna have to do more than maybe box him to a draw...if the punches landed and what not were even one punch better than marquezs they would giv it to pac...... i think it was a good fight and a good decision.

not to mention both of these guys got paiddddd a nice amount so no one realllly lost