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Wasn't sure where to post this, as it qualifies for the "M3 vs...", "M3 Videos" and "California" sections, but figured since it happened at the track I would throw it here...

We had a very fun track day on 11-11-11 with a lot of exotics and other fast cars showing up at Big Willow. Thanks to Shift Sector for organizing! It was half day road course, half day roll racing. We took vids of some of the runs that took place. Also I threw in my fastest lap of the day which is only 35 thousandths off the record for a stock M3 on this track . If I had a DCT instead of a Manual I would have beat it, but oh well...

2011 C63 vs. 2012 C63:

My M3 vs 2012 C63:

2012 C63 vs. 335 (highly modified):

My M3 vs B7 RS4 (the guy filming with my camera said he was a photographer and knows what to do, but I kinda doubt it after watching the way he recorded this video...):

And my fastest lap of the day: