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Originally Posted by M3 09 AND135I 11 View Post
Is 1:38s good time for e9x m3? I dont know because i have not tracked my 09 m3 yet. But my best lap time with 135i on thunderbolt this summer was 1:34.18. The engine is stock for now(afraid to tune it because of overheating issues). The suspension is modded with r-comp. tires. It will be interesting to see what time can i get with stock m3. My track money goes to 135i right now, but i may get just wheel/r-comp. tire combo and track pads for m3 and track it a couple of times next year. We"ll see
I frankly don't know. I've cut quite a few seconds from the start of the season (this is my first). The 135i may be faster than the heavier M3 around a technical track like Thunderbolt, and you may simply be a better/more accomplished driver...