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Originally Posted by shay2nak View Post
I just found out what the fuss was about 2 days ago since I HATE football and could care less about pro or college. Now that I know what has happened, it just strengthens my belief in football. That all these motherf*ckers think they're big sh*t and can do whatever the f*ck they want...robberies, drug selling, drug using, beating people, raping girls and now raping boys. ...I love it. Not to mention that the media makes these assh*les larger than life, feeds their foolish believe they are invincible.

the head coach, good thing he got a lawyer because he's gonna need one. Every f*ckface who saw & knew that this happened is gonna be swimming in sh*t. They're just as guilty as that sick f*ck who was doing this.

Football is a joke. Although it is a great game to play in real life and on a 'Station, but I will NEVER EVER watch a game on TV or go to a game (and I haven't for years).
Wait, how is the sport of football at fault? Football players and staff are the only ones who commit these crimes, right? This can happen in any sport and happens in circles outside of sports too. Get your head out of your ass and you may see that the sport of football is in no way responsible for Sandusky being a predator and others within his circle covering up atrocities.

Human nature and irresponsible people with compromised morals are at fault.