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Dealership issue... legal recourse?

In September of this year I traded in a 2011 M3 upon purchase of a new vehicle. At the time of trade in the M3 had an aftermarket exhaust (Remus Race and Eisenman connecting pipes) and spacers (Macht Schnell). These parts were not factored in to the value of the trade. I requested an extra day to take the car home and remove the parts so that they could be sold, and was offered by the sales manager to instead have the dealer service dept remove the parts for me minus a reasonable labor fee. I agreed and left the car. After a month of calling the dealership weekly to determine a time I'd be able to bring the stock exhaust in and have the service department remove the aftermarket parts, and being told every time I called that the service manager would call me first thing in the morning to schedule an appointment, nothing had been done. Finally after 2 months had gone by and my patience was long gone, I was told by the same sales manager that the M3 had been sold and I'd not be able to receive the parts, however they had gone online and determined what they believed was a "fair" value of the parts used, and subtracted 3 hours of labor from that value. The resulting value they were prepared to issue a check for was $300. I determined (obviously), that the value of the parts used was much greater than they had, and that 3 hours labor to replace a catback exhaust and remove wheels spacers was ridiculous. They have not moved from this number, and when I ended the conversation in favor of legal counsel, the sales manager apologized and reported he would escalate the matter to a vice president, as the dealership currently didn't have a gm.

My question is, what recourse is there here if any?

The dealership in question has proven to have absolutely zero respect for customer service or value. I have purchased 2 vehicles from them in the past 12 months and have been treated as an ignorant pest in return.

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