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I can totally relate to you since my previous car before the M3 was an '09 6mt 328i coupe. The moment I drove off the lot with the M3, I was shocked at the clutch engagement and feel. It wasn't necessarily a bad feeling, just weird. Over the past few months I've owned the car, the 1st gear roll has been difficult to do smoothly and I have been driving manuals for about 10 years now. I drove my friends e46 m3 and the clutch feel is noticeably easier to modulate and has more feel, however, it did feel significantly heavier. I almost rather have the feel of the e46 m3 clutch for more spirited driving, but in traffic, the lighter e9X m3 clutch is a better.

Like you said, the clutch is not a big enough problem to not love this car. But I would like more feel and linear engagement from the clutch. Perhaps an aftermarket clutch could solve this.