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My first Bimmer purchase was a 2010 X5 w/ M Sports package and loved it. After buying that car, I began to read everything I could about BMW and the M heritage and fell in love with them.

One day about 2 months ago I was sitting at work and decided to mess around on just looking at the new M3 and a feeling came over me that said I had to have one. So being in the military, I went down to the local Pentagon Car Sales dealer to see what they had in stock just so I could see one in person for myself. They had a blue one which I wasn't too excited about but the sales rep showed me 4 other Coupes on the computer that were at other PCS locations around Germany and that's when I found the Silverstone Metallic Coupe.

I knew that I would need to trade in the X5 in order to purchase the M3 so I asked them what they would give me for it. So after a couple of days of the local German BMW dealership, they offered me a substantial amount which left me with $6K in equity so I immediately signed the trade-in paper work, handed them $3K for the down payment on the M3 and called my wife for a ride home.

You should have seen the look on her face when she asked where my truck was. LOL So after waiting almost 2 weeks due to paperwork and German customs/tax paperwork to be completed, I had to carpool with my wife in her Countryman. Needless to say, she got sick and tired of me riding with her. But eventually, I got the call that the paperwork was all finished and I could head to the dealer for delivery. What a day. Then I learned I had to drive it slow for 1200 miles.


I just hit 1200 miles the other day but have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. I wanna go fast damn it!