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Originally Posted by shay2nak View Post
I just found out what the fuss was about 2 days ago since I HATE football and could care less about pro or college. Now that I know what has happened, it just strengthens my belief in football. That all these motherf*ckers think they're big sh*t and can do whatever the f*ck they want...robberies, drug selling, drug using, beating people, raping girls and now raping boys. ...I love it. Not to mention that the media makes these assh*les larger than life, feeds their foolish believe they are invincible.

the head coach, good thing he got a lawyer because he's gonna need one. Every f*ckface who saw & knew that this happened is gonna be swimming in sh*t. They're just as guilty as that sick f*ck who was doing this.

Football is a joke. Although it is a great game to play in real life and on a 'Station, but I will NEVER EVER watch a game on TV or go to a game.