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Originally Posted by E93Blackhawk View Post
Thanks a lot, shame that most of the answers if nearly all are you US guys, petrol prices are so redicilous here.

What do you guys pay per litre? Gal etc?

Trying to work out in how much I'm looking at. I estimated 400/month, so 100/week

So basically a refill per week?
I'm from the US, but on a recent ED trip I spent about 1100 euros on fuel over two weeks and roughly 5500 kilometers. This included a handful of mountain passes, lots autobahn miles at 150+ km/h, and a fair bit of urban driving.

Fuel seemed to be right around 1.60 a liter. Some quick math leads me to about 12.5 l / 100 km.

Frankly I was shocked at the fuel economy. I made no attempt to be frugal concerning gas. I had figured I'd spend almost double that on fuel while I was there. Obviously your mileage may vary, but I'll be thrilled if I get close to that stateside.