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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I would not necessarily assume that this act of vandalism was performed by jealous people or for that matter people who can't afford a BMW. When I was a kid the worst neighborhoods in my town for that kind of vandalism were some of the most affluent.

I remember one incident in particular where a bunch of teenage boys broke into a Chevrolet dealers lot and discovered where the keys to the new cars were hidden. They proceed to have a demolition derby and damaged about 30 cars. They were all kids from well to do families,

This does happen. Poor people have more things to worry about than damaging your car. They'd rather steal it or take anything you leave in the car for a quick cash sale. They could care less about the car itself other than what they can profit from.

Bored kids and people who feel slighted or jealous are the ones that will vandalize.