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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
Well, no more than $300. Those cans look like they are bulky. Do you think they are a little too big or not? It could just be the picture.
They are bulky but they fit to my head near-perfectly so there's really no added weight or strain. I can have them on for hours. They are a bit cumbersome to have on while walking and the cord isn't exactly portable.

Retail is somewhere around $200-250 but you can definitely get a pair brand new for $180 if you shop around.

now what's going to be good at turning a dorm into a party? I love the Monster Beat Box. Anything with that kind of sound for less price? haha. Would go well with my HP Beats laptop (yes I love this brand, just wasn't sure about the Studios lol)
Zepplin air seems to sound amazing but it's a bit much :S
Put some work into this. Get on craigslist, find a home theater amp + surround speakers. I've gotten a Sony 5.1 amp and 5 speakers for $80. Definitely want a sub as well. Buy some mounts on eBay for $20 and rig everything together. Result will be many times better than any overpriced $400-500 speaker that can get a drink spilled on it.