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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
So you need the "wisdom" of somebody else (narrow minded "13 year old M3 owners") to talk you into or out of buying a car?

In any event, you can't have it both ways ---- is this thread in jest or not?

You're not being truthful --- either the thread was started because you care what others have to say about a car you are looking to buy () or you wanted to stir the pot. It's really that simple.
And, you need to relax a bit. Of course it was partly in fun but I wasn't trying to "stir the pot" as you say or be untruthful in any way. Haha! You mean me starting a thread on "please keep me away from a GTR" causes folks on this thread to go dizzy and freak out?

In my head I know I'll get a GTR eventually. Yes I can make my own decisions and have done so all my life - and am fairly successful at making them. Asking for others opinion is helpful when thinking through things. And the thread was doing great for the first few pages of replies. Its only towards the end that this thread went to pieces.