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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
Well there you go - I believe you're a good example of a personal attacker - calling me an assclown.

I wasn't stirring the pot. I geniunely want a GTR but am trying to hold off. I'll eventually get one. I stand by my statement that this forum does have a lot of posters who make personal attacks and ruin threads. and I do love both cars. Arguing over is GTR a supercar or not, is just flat out silly IMO. And healthy debates are always fun to read.. ones filled with silly illogical reasoning and personal attacks are not.
So you need the "wisdom" of somebody else (narrow minded "13 year old M3 owners") to talk you into or out of buying a car?

In any event, you can't have it both ways ---- is this thread in jest or not?

You're not being truthful --- either the thread was started because you care what others have to say about a car you are looking to buy or you wanted to stir the pot. It's really that simple.