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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
So, W00tw00t --- you started this thread "in jest"?

Note to self ---- don't post in this assclown's threads as all you really wanted to do is stir the pot. All I can say is your life must be boring as hell if this is what gets you off.

see post 10
Well there you go - I believe you're a good example of a personal attacker - calling me an assclown.

I wasn't stirring the pot. I geniunely want a GTR but am trying to hold off. I'll eventually get one. I stand by my statement that this forum does have a lot of posters who make personal attacks and ruin threads. and I do love both cars. Arguing over is GTR a supercar or not, is just flat out silly IMO. And healthy debates are always fun to read.. ones filled with silly illogical reasoning and personal attacks are not.