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I really hate to start/be part of an argument but....

1. Meal frequency has NO bearing on weightloss, this has been proven. The only thing it does is help people who can't control their cravings. I ate 3 meals a day and still averaged 3-4 lbs a week in weight loss.

2. Water? Meh... My first 'cycle' I did, I drank the hell out of some water, the second time, not so much. I think drinking an exorbitant amount of water does the same thing as stated above, it keeps you full. Yes, I know cold water helps burn calories... but so does gum chewing.

3. Diet drinks... As long as they are low/no sodium, drink all you want! I was drink 3-4 cans a day of Coke Zero. The myth that artificial sweetners make you gain weight is BS as well.

Question for the OP, what weight/BF % are you right now? Do you go to the gym?