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Originally Posted by Bimmer84 View Post
I prefer this one...

Oh! Headphones... I dunno. I was busy looking at Katrina Bowden the last hour....
haha she's great

Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
I'd try out a pair of beyerdynamic dt770s. Make sure it's the 80 ohm version. Absolutely love mine (listening to them now lol).

I use them mainly to listen to music at night when I can't otherwise, travel, and mixing. Amazingly comfortable and most importantly well-balanced without an amp/eq, something that can't be said for many mid-range studio phones ($400-800).
those look good

now what's going to be good at turning a dorm into a party? I love the Monster Beat Box. Anything with that kind of sound for less price? haha. Would go well with my HP Beats laptop (yes I love this brand, just wasn't sure about the Studios lol)
Zepplin air seems to sound amazing but it's a bit much :S
i love german cars

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