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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Question... I am still learning a bit so take what I say with a grain of salt

If your paint has no swirls or damage, why would you really polish it at all? If it were me, I would probably use the white pad and finishing product, then a good wax/sealant. I wouldn't bother using anything that cuts at all, especially if there are no swirls or damage to your paint.

It may be different for me... I think AW is pretty soft paint. Even after I used my PC for some corrections, there seem to be some new swirls on the trunk

Good thing is that I have a four day weekend this weekend, and I should have plenty of time to baby the car. The interior is still good from my last job, but she is in need of a wash. I will probably do some serious exterior work this weekend since I have nothing else to do
Young Jedi you have much to learn! While you are correct that with no swirls or scratches there is no "need" to polish but a polished paint with some light cutting activity will make the paint "pop" in a way that non-polished paint will, even after wax/sealant. It brings out the depth of the paint and shine in a way you will never get otherwise. Especially on black or dark colors and to be honest it may be a bit of a waste on a silver/grey/white car but nonetheless I notice it